It was Friday afternoon, and Suela was in my office for a job interview. She had applied for Chief Finance Officer vacancy for an International company. The interview passed perfectly and she, for sure, was one of the strongest candidates for the position we were searching. Surprisingly at the last section of questions she confessed to me a sad story related one of her previous jobs. It was sad and ridiculoussex stories

She has been shocked from the way her previous colleague was managing the relationship with her own bossthey were Loversher Boss and her parallel colleagueandthey were having sex at the job placeat the Bosss office

Suela, was explaining how difficult was to handle such situations, and how embarrassing was to knock on the door of her own Bossvery difficult was also to stomach the behavior of her colleague that had no limits in communication and gesturesthe job place suddenly was a kind of Ibiza where were missing only bikinis, slippers and also the sex on the beach cocktailsThis was the way the business was running, and the sad and funny result was that she had to work for twobecause her successful colleague was not performing her tasks, but after every better office performings more Boss she was feeling herself among other colleaguesshe was the other Boss the no limits Boss

Suela, had a question all the time, that how this could be possiblebut later heard that this was not the only sad story and this was not the only company in Albania, operating Ibiza Style

It is true! Just we have never spoken openly for such issueour labor market is complicated and has many issues, and this is one of themWe have no boundaries, no faith in professionalism, no desire to move ahead, no manners, no actionwe even do not speak for these issuesbut this is the factwe go to work to be paid and also pass the time, and when I say we I mean the we that does such miracles

Is it difficult to keep ourselves away from each other sexually when we are at work?! Does it mean that being the Boss means powerand power means money and sexis it right?! Does it mean that having an affair with the Boss will definitely bring you money and less work, and also power over your colleagues?!

This is sad, because the business is influenced directlyand also the resultswe are still in changeover of our mindsour state of mind is compromised

I have a question for this category of Managers and Employees: Have you ever thought that what would come next?! Have you ever thought about the after-sex solutions? I think, that after you pass certain boundaries, things will never be the same againyou will never be the sameand you will have less chances to move on with your career

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